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Andy (Atty Buitenhuis) was born in the year 1958, in Apeldoorn (Netherlands). He grew up with music from the sixties, and one song he sang together with the radio was "Marmor, Stein und Eisenbricht" from Drafi Deutscher.

In the late sixties he had an idol called Heintje Simons. He learned all the songs by memory and sang them. In short time be became famous as the second Heintje. The years are passing by and so does his idols. When he had his 16th birthday party, a friend gave him a double album by Elvis Presley. Now Andy had a new idol, a artist one of his kind! Gone where the long hair (which was popular at that time) and he threw away his albums of Deep Purple and Uriah Heep.

In the 70's he started his own band "Andy and his Music Stars". They recorded their first single called "C'Mon Carolyn" (which was dedicated to Andy's father). A re-make of that songs is on the CD "The White Andy" (Rarity Records, 2003).

In 1978 he signed a contract for a solo career at "Planet Music". It was the same company where a big name in the Dutch music history was started. His name was Jack Jersey. Demos where recorded and one of them was released on single in 1980 "Call It Love" (Polydor). In 1983 they translated Jack Jersey's "In The Still Of The Night" to Dutch and released it on a single "Ik Mis Je". D.J's with big names like Frits Spits and Adje Roland picked it up and played it in their radio programs. The television followed and Andy turned up in shows like "Op Volle Toeren", "Nederland Muziekland" and "Top Pop". This resulted in a top 40 hit (nr. 29). It would be Andy's only hit. After that he made another nine singles and one album.

In the late 80's, all these songs were released on a CD at the V.N.C. label. In 1994 he made another CD titled "Jeany". Andy's manager Dick de Nijs, brother from Jack Jersey, died in cancer in the mid 80's. With his death, the influence and contacts were gone.

In the year 1999 Andy made a tribute CD in the memory of Jack Jersey. This project was realized by Jack Jersey's biggest fan, Joop Vogelenzang, who also paid the project. The CD was also titled "Memories" and was released at the "Dart Records" label. It was not long after that time he came in contact with Bert Losscher, a musician known under the name Terry Lee that in earlier years was popular with his "Rock Revival" (who had Herman Brood as one of the members. The one and only real Dutch rock idol!). Andy was contacted by Hans van Haarlem, owner of the "Rarity Records" label. He was looking for an Elvis sound-alike to record a new CD. In 2002 they recorded the CD "The White Andy". Andy wrote the song "Precious", which was dedicated to his daughter. Bert Losscher wrote several of the songs, and there were also some great covers, like the wonderful "Please Accept My Love".

(parts of the bio re-made by Meikel)