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Hi, I’m Tom Alston. I’ve been singing Elvis songs since I was a little boy. I use to sing with my old record player, playing Elvis nonstop, round the clock. I plum wore out every one of his records. I just loved to sing with Elvis and I still do. I have now been on stage performing my very own Elvis tribute show, for over 33 years. I hear many people say -You sound just like Elvis- and I tell them -You can walk very close in Elvis shoes - but there is only one Elvis, And I love him very much, and I want to keep his music alive with my show.

I perform all my favourite Elvis songs and classic rock & roll tunes. So you end up with a really great show.

Till we meet again, God bless, TCB
Tom Alston 2014

Like The King
- Great voice
- Great look
- Great performer

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